The NZ Magazine shop (powered by Meg Star) considers the protection of privacy to be of utmost importance. Whether you’re a customer or other user of our products or services, we are committed to providing you with a service that meets your requirements in a way that safeguards your privacy. We appreciate the trust you have placed in us.

This policy explains how your personal information may be collected and used. It also outlines some of the security measures employed to protect your privacy.

In this policy “We” or “Us” refers to the organization making reference to this Privacy Policy at the time that your personal information was collected.

Collection of information

We may collect personal information from you in a number of ways. This includes when you:

  • Indicate an interest in or take a service from Us. This may include your contact details, date of birth, payment method and possibly bank details.
  • Contact Us directly or indirectly with an enquiry, or in response to a communication from Us, in which case this may tell Us something about your preferences.

Use of information

What We will do

We may, hold, use and disclose personal information about you for the following purposes, use your personal information for several purposes, including:

  • To assist in providing goods and services to you (for example to assist in delivering an online order or sending you alerts)
  • Assisting to identify you when you telephone Us to make an enquiry. You may be asked for confirmation of personal details like your date of birth or address to confirm you are the right person
  • Responding to enquiries from you
  • To communicate promotional offers and special events; Communicating with you by any means (including mail, email, telephone, text messages, social media or digital advertising) about other services or products, where We think you would appreciate receiving an offer from Us
  • for our internal administrative, marketing, planning, product development and research requirements.
  • To customise our Websites or Applications based on your preferences.
  • Additionally, if you use the same email address as another subscriber, for instance when you subscribe email address also used by another family member, your unsubscribe request will apply to you personally, and will not unsubscribe others receiving Our emails at the same email address.

Protection of information

We maintain strict security measures in order to protect your personal information. The procedures are constantly monitored and updated in accordance with the latest technology.

Access to personal information

The Privacy Act gives you the right to access and correct personal information held by Us. To query or access any personal information the NZ Magazine shop holds, call Customer Contact number +64 9 8381641 or visit our Meg Star- Henderson Store.

Credit card details

In line with credit card data security standards when you pay using a credit card online, in-store, or by telephone, your credit card information is not stored by us. Your credit card details are required to process the payment on the internet order system however the full details are not saved once the order is processed.

Policy Changes

This policy is current at January 2021. We may make changes from time to time. Notice of any changes will be given by posting the updated Privacy Policy on our website. Your continued use of our products and services following this notice will be taken as acceptance of the updated Privacy Policy.

Further information

This Policy applies to personal information held about individuals. It does not apply to information We hold about companies and other organizations. The Office of the Privacy Commissioner has further details of the New Zealand Privacy Act and how it protects personal information in New Zealand.

Any questions or complaints about this policy or the management of any personal information about you by NZ Magazine shop should be made in writing to the address below.


P. +64 9 838 1641

Physical Address: Shop 161 Westcity Mall, Henderson, Auckland.