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Runner’s World Single Issue

$ 9.70

Issues: 12 (Monthly)

Runner’s World is Australia and New Zealand best selling running magazine and it is the largest running and fitness magazine in the world.

BHG Diabetic Living Single Issue

$ 9.80

Issues: 6 (Two Monthly)

Diabetic Living delivers an abundance of useful health information, tantalising recipes, tips for entertaining, and updates on the latest products, services, and advances in diabetes health. Diabetic Living allows you to rediscover incredibly delicious, no-sacrifice meals.


$ 5.50$ 286.00

English Woman’s Weekly is centred around the home and family, with features on cookery, knitting, gardening, as well as health, beauty and fashion. Plus lots of great reading with short fiction and serial stories.

Men’s Fitness

$ 17.50$ 210.00

Cover Price: $17.50

Frequency: Monthly

Language: English

MEN’S FITNESS is a guide for fit and active men. The information on training, nutrition, gear, apparel, relationships and adventure sports.

Men’s Fitness Single Issue

$ 16.90

Issues: 12 (Monthly)

Fitness is for men who want solid information and advice – not counselling. Using the resources of Australia and new Zealand top health and fitness experts, the magazine will show you how to pack on muscle, lose fat, win the race,snare the dream job and be home in time for the nightly news. It’s a magazine for men who want to – and will eventually – reach their personal best.

Muscular Development

$ 216.00

Cover Price: $18.00

Frequency: Monthly

Language: English


Muscular Development

$ 21.90$ 262.80

Cover Price: $21.90

Frequency: Monthly

Language: English

Muscular Development USA carries bodybuilding news and articles on all aspects of bodybuilding, as well as profiles and pictures of successful bodybuilders and interviews, biographies and workout regimes of star athletes in the field. Muscular Development USA has advice on fat loss, bodybuilding supplements and other products, training, nutrition and sex, as well as reviews of the latest equipment and supplements, and the results of bodybuilding contests.

NZ Journal Of Natural Medicine Single Issue

$ 10.00

Issues: 4 (Quarterly)

The New Zealand Journal of Natural Medicine explores a wide range of topics that are relevant to maintaining or regaining good health. These include nutritional healing, herbal medicine, New Zealand native rongoa, exercise, homoeopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, massage and many other modalities that can contribute to improving people’s health


$ 8.99$ 53.40

Cover Price: $8.99

Frequency: Bi-Monthly

Language: English

GET SLIM & STRONG: Drop pounds and tone everything in just 10 minutes a day. Plus: Lower your Alzheimer’s risk by more than half; clean up your condiment cupboard with homemade, preservative-free toppings; and silence your inner critic—once and for all.


$ 15.40$ 184.80

Cover Price: $15.40

Frequency: Monthly

Language: English

As well as including training aspects of the sport of mixed martial arts, TRAIN will also feature all other sports, along with the planet’s leading coaches, athletes and fitness celebrities. We are sure that you enjoyed Train Hard Fight Easy, then you will absolutely love TRAIN.