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Art News New Zealand

$ 15.00$ 60.00

Art News New Zealand is published four times a year.
Art News-New Zealand is New Zealand’s leading contemporary arts magazine. Published quarterly, it provides an incisive view of all contemporary art styles – including painting, sculpture, photography, installation and applied arts, with editorial staff and freelancers reviewing and previewing the best of the exhibitions around the country.


$ 13.95$ 83.70

Cover price: $13.95

Frequency: half yearly (6 issues per year)

Here Magazine tells compelling, thoughtful, and unique travel stories through the lens of local, creative, and influential people. We focus on people because they are the pulse of a place, defining the culture and creating connections worth sharing.

NZ Aviation News

$ 16.99$ 204.00

Cover Price: $16.99

Frequency:  Monthly

Language: English

Aviation News is NZ’s best read newspaper relating to the local aviation scene. Published 11 times a year the paper has an ever broadening circulation and distribution base. The journal is acknowledged as the current source of information of whose who and what has happened in NZ aviation over the last month. Regular theme issues relating to sport, industry, career and defence aviation occur througout the year.

NZ Business

$ 12.90$ 154.80

Issues: 12 (Monthly)

NZ Business magazine is for executives of small to medium sized businesses. Editorially it features investigative articles on news making companies and executives; coupled with regular columns on management techniques, taxation, technology, economics, labour relations and politics.

Organic NZ

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Cover Price: $12.90

Frequency: Monthly

Language: English

Issue Description
Organic NZ gives you access to current information on organic growing, eating, shopping, businesses – plus health issues, publications, national & international news and events. Being a member means you are investing in a healthy future for New Zealand.


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Cover price: $14.99

Frequency: monthly (12 issues per year)

Style reaches a discerning market with high disposable income. Our readers follow fashion, frequent restaurants, and love to travel. So, we continue to allow them a bit of time out, cover their new favourite local haunts and provide them with inspiring content about people who live in their neighbourhood.