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Australian Geographic Outdoor

$ 10.90

Duration: Two Monthly

Cover Price: $10.90



BZ Boxing News Presents

$ 29.70

Cover Price: $29.70

Frequency: Quarterly

Language: English

BZ Boxing news presents

$ 29.70$ 178.20

From $29.70 per issue

Would you like to keep up with all the latest and greatest news in boxing? Explore every corner of the ring and beyond with the brand new bi-monthly bookazine series, Boxing News Presents. From the vicious rivalry of Ali vs Frazier to the freshest faces on the boxing scene and more, each issue delivers top stories, eye-witness reports, facts, stats, tips, interviews and everything you need to know as a true boxing fan. Boxing News Presents also offers the most exclusive insight from your favourite champions, past and present, such as Marvin Hagler, Joe Calzaghe, George Foreman, Anthony Joshua, Henry Cooper, Evander Holyfield, Ricky Hatton and many more – as they highlight the highs and lows of their careers and their greatest fights of all time. Are you ready to get to grips with the real world of boxing? Grab your digital issue of Boxing News Presents and keep up with the best in boxing today.

Cycle Sport

$ 16.70$ 200.40

Single Issue: $16.70

Duration :  Monthly

Horse & Rider

$ 13.50$ 161.00

Duration : Monthly

Cover Price : $13.50

NZ Fishing News

$ 14.90$ 178.80

Cover Price: $14.90

Frequency: Monthly

Language: English

NZ Fishing News is the largest circulating recreational fishing magazine in Australasia. It covers freshwater fishing for trout through to big game fishing for marlin, tuna etc. It contains area reports, tackle and boat tests, feature articles on various angling disciplines along with current news and political issues.

NZ Hunter

$ 12.90$ 77.40

This is the first time a truly New Zealand hunting show of this quality featuring our most remote and rugged wilderness areas and the game animals that inhabit them has hit the screens in this country – and it’s not on a weekend afternoon when we’re all out hunting, nor will you have to have Sky to watch it!

NZ Rugby World

$ 14.99$ 89.94

Cover Price: $14.99

Frequency: Bi-monthly

Language: English

Professional Skipper

$ 11.50$ 69.00

From tinny to tanker, large commercial ships and coastal shipping, tugs, tow boats, barges, ferries, tourist vessels, sport-fishing craft, jet boats, commercial fishing boats, superyachts and recreational craft, and including a bit of entertainment and more, every issue of the bi-monthly magazine captures the ever-changing Maritime New Zealand safety rules, as well as summaries of accidents and investigations.


$ 26.70$ 320.40

Cover Price: $1.00

Frequency: Monthly

Language: English

Slam is the fastest way to bring home the entire world of hoops from playgrounds to high schools, college and the NBA.