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Hi Fi News UK

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Cover Price: $18.90

Frequency: Monthly

Language: English

The hi-fi magazine in the world is still delivering the best mix of international show reports, in-depth investigative features, world-class reviews, vintage celebrations and surely the most comprehensive range of music features available anywhere.

NZ Aviation News

$ 16.99$ 204.00

Cover Price: $16.99

Frequency:  Monthly

Language: English

Aviation News is NZ’s best read newspaper relating to the local aviation scene. Published 11 times a year the paper has an ever broadening circulation and distribution base. The journal is acknowledged as the current source of information of whose who and what has happened in NZ aviation over the last month. Regular theme issues relating to sport, industry, career and defence aviation occur througout the year.


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Shining a spotlight on the latest developments in the world’s navies – Warships International Fleet Review provides insight from industry-leading analysts and provides up-to-date naval coverage from around the globe. Covering current defence issues, the publication leads the line as the world’s best naval news monthly magazine.

Warships International Fleet Review includes in-depth features on the Royal Navy, the US Navy, as well as incorporating news, insights and features on all other navies worldwide. Educating those interested in naval affairs, and enjoyed by professionals – you can join the ranks of educated and informed naval enthusiasts with a Warships International Fleet Review digital magazine subscription.

Increase your navy knowledge, and keep up to date with the defence issues faced by navies from around the globe – with a Warships International Fleet Review digital magazine subscription.