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Franchise New Zealand

$ 8.95$ 35.80

Cover Price:  $ 8.95

Frequency: Quarterly

Language: English

Issue Description

Franchise New Zealand is a quarterly magazine dedicated to franchising and franchise opportunities. It contains details of over 130 franchises each issue, as well as information and advice from New Zealand and overseas experts on buying and setting up new businesses.

Home NZ

$ 12.95$ 77.70

Cover Price: $12.95

Frequency: Bi -Monthly

Language: English

Issue Description
HOME New Zealand magazine celebrates the best NZ architecture, design and interiors

NZ Gardener

$ 8.50$ 102.00

Cover Price: $8.50

Frequency: Monthly

Language: English

NZ Gardener, the country’s top selling gardening magazine, features New Zealand’s most beautiful gardens and the people behind them, as well as providing practical ideas and gardening inspiration relevant to all gardeners.

NZ Guns & Hunting

$ 9.90$ 118.80

Cover Price: 9.90

Issues: 6 (Two Monthly)


NZ House & Garden

$ 11.00$ 132.00

Cover Price $11.00

Issues: 12 (Monthly)

New Zealand’s favourite home and lifestyle magazine, NZ House & Garden celebrates the homes, lifestyles and creativity of New Zealanders. Always a delight, NZ House & Garden explores an extraordinary variety of inspiring, beautiful and intriguing homes and gardens.

NZ Journal Of Natural Medicine Single Issue

$ 10.00

Issues: 4 (Quarterly)

The New Zealand Journal of Natural Medicine explores a wide range of topics that are relevant to maintaining or regaining good health. These include nutritional healing, herbal medicine, New Zealand native rongoa, exercise, homoeopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, massage and many other modalities that can contribute to improving people’s health

NZ Marketing

$ 14.90$ 89.40

Cover Price: $14.90

Frequency: Bi – Monthly

Language: English

Issue Description

Marketing Magazine is New Zealand’s only publication targeted specifically to marketing oriented executives and is required reading for marketers in this country. Its highly practical editorial stance and in-depth examination of the latest marketing trends has earned the magazine a reputation for contributing to the lifting of marketing standards in New Zealand.

NZ Outdoor Hunting

$ 10.95$ 65.70

The NZ Outdoor HUNTING Magazine is New Zealand’s most read hunting magazine printed since 1937 covering Red deer, Sika, Fallow, Whitetail, Rusa, Sambar, Wapiti (Elk), Chamois, Tahr, wild pigs, bird shooting and more.