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FEB 24,  released 11/01/2024


Aeroplane Monthly is one of the best magazines released today on the historic aircraft industry. This dynamic and respected magazine features a variety of articles on aviation history, preservation techniques and a host of personal recollections from senior pilots and crew. We think that fans of the ‘golden age’ of flying with love this magazine.

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This magazine gives readers a fascinating insight into the world of historic aircraft. Fans of the vintage flying machines of days gone by will really enjoy this blast from the past. Articles can look as far back as the early 1900’s. This magazine is one of the most comprehensive magazines on the subject of historical aircraft that we have seen.

The articles are all accompanied by beautiful old pictures of the aircraft when they were in their heyday. We think that older readers who may have grown up when the aeroplanes where being built will enjoy the trip down memory lane. There are regular features called ‘I was there’ which will include readers recollections of historic aeroplane events described in the magazine.

Sadly we realise that many of the people involved with making and flying some of the older aeroplanes may no longer be with us anymore. What we like about this magazine is that it helps to keep the memories of all those brave men and women alive. Families of the pilots mentioned in the magazine will be able to read about their ancestors for many more years to come.

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