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KiwiFlyer Magazines


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KiwiFlyer is a printed magazine, for and about the New Zealand Aviation Community.

We are the reference publication for the New Zealand aviation industry, featuring content such as Products & Services, News & Events, Business Profiles, Flight Tests, Product Reviews, New Developments, Sport & Recreational Aviation, Warbirds, Aircraft Restoration, Gliding, Autogyros, Aerobatics, Training & Education, Maintenance, Aviation History, the ZK Register, and much more.

KiwiFlyer is published ten times per annum and is delivered FREE to every aircraft operator
and aviation-related business in NZ. Subscriptions for others are only $75 per annum.

For readers, KiwiFlyer provides a regular dose of New Zealand focused aviation enthusiasm. Our content is produced by contributors who fly, own aircraft, and love everything aviation. Whether you fly from the pilot’s seat or an armchair, you’ll enjoy every issue.

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