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Lovatts Code Crackers magazine subscription


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Introducing Code Cracker Puzzles

Are you ready for a challenge that will put your code-cracking skills to the test? Look no further than our addictive Code Cracker Puzzles! These unique crosswords-in-disguise will keep you entertained for hours as you decipher the alphabet code and reveal the celebrity answer.

Cracking the Code

In our Code Cracker Puzzles, letters have been replaced by numbers. Your task is to crack the alphabet code and fill in the words in the grid. Each number corresponds to a specific letter of the alphabet, so you’ll need to use your logic and deductive reasoning to solve the puzzle.

Reveal the Celebrity Answer

Once you’ve successfully filled in all the words in the grid, the celebrity answer will be revealed. This is where the real excitement begins! Can you guess which celebrity is the answer to the puzzle? Put your pop culture knowledge to the test and see if you can identify the famous face hidden within the code.

Code Cracker Puzzles are not only a great way to challenge your mind and improve your problem-solving skills, but they also provide hours of entertainment and satisfaction when you crack the code and reveal the celebrity answer. Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey of wordplay and logic with our addictive Code Cracker Puzzles!

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